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From a full start up package for new carriers to selected expert advice and consultation to entrepreneurs or institutions we can offer you a proposal that meets your specific requirements.

  • AOC/Bilateral Issues
  • European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) support
  • Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Airline Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Airline Start-ups
  • Technical Infrastructure Projects
  • Legislative Strategy and Political Advocacy Services 

Constellation Aviation Consulting
is a firm of experienced aviation professionals who are able to offer expertise and assistance in all aviation related disciplines. We are proud to offer a cost effective and proficient service from our base in Central London. 

Our products include a full start up package for new carriers
The help we are able to offer will enable an entrepreneur or institution to manage those areas of the prospective business in which they have expertise leaving all other airline operational activities to us. Members of our experienced team have worked on many different airline inceptions. The services we offer for both start ups and established carriers can be provided as a package or as the separate components are detailed below.

  • Creation of business plans, economic models and route studies to the standards required for an AoC application in the most rigorous jurisdictions. This includes the production of operating manuals. We are also able to provide financial projections for institutions and investors including credit card companies.
  • Support and assitance to both new market entrants and existing carriers with the new EU ETS Carbon Trading Scheme, with a particular focus on supporting small to medium scheduled and ACMI carriers through this complex process.
  • Creation of an operations department and implementation of best practice throughout the network including airport terminals.
  • Distribution and help with BSP, ARC, GDS and new generation airline distribution computer systems. We are also able to help with APIS, a problem for airlines flying to the USA and rapidly being introduced throughout Europe. We are able to introduce full revenue accounting services. We are able to help with travel trade licensing including procurement of an ATOL in the UK. Our assistance to the travel trade includes help with air capacity procurement on both a charter and a scheduled basis.
  • Bilateral and route licensing matters which in the UK includes liaising with the Department of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority. We also deal with foreign carrier permits. Crew selection, training and quality management including pre employment simulator assessment. Passenger service and cabin procedures
  • Aircraft procurement and remarketing in partnership with Plane Trading Ltd Full engineering services including supervision and monitoring of aircraft maintenance in partnership with MS4. 

Constellation Aviation Consultingable is able to offer legal and contractual back up when acquiring or disposing of aircraft by sale or lease. We are able to draft Charter Agreements, General Conditions of Carriage and related regulations. We are also able to assist in the provision of expert witnesses for tribunals, arbitration and court hearings. 

Constellation Aviation Consulting is always pleased to arrange an initial meeting to discuss a potential principal's requirements without obligation.